Soft Plastics Bait Mold Multi Cavity 5X Soft jerkbait Fluke 5in Lure Bugmolds

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Multi Cavity Stone Mold Soft Plastics Bait Plastisol Mold 5 in Soft Jerkbait Soft Lure Bugmolds USA. Bugmolds USA offers a high quality stone mold for soft plastics fishing baits. This mold is a 5 cavities piece that produces 5 x 5in fork tail Fluke type soft bait for Bass fishing. We recommend using lubrication for our stone molds and an injector size for this mold of 5/8in. Create a large variety of soft plastic baits in colors of your choosing! Great inexpensive durable molds that are compatible with plastisol. Make your own fishing lures with Bugmolds USA!Free Shipping in the United States On All Bugmolds USA Products!