Soft Lure Injection Mold for Lizard Bait DIY Fishing Soft Plastic Making

Soft Lure Injection Mold for Lizard Bait DIY Fishing Soft Plastic Making

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This single cavity Lizard stone mold will make an extremely versatile soft bait for a wide variety of fish species. Make soft plastic lizard baits that have an incredible twisting tail action and will have an on the amount of fish you swing in the boat or catch from the shore. Slim body design and long legs create a great trailer or flipping rig bait. Curled appendages mimic a natural reptile.

-Single Cavity Stone Injection Mold For Lizard Flipping or Carolina Rig Soft Plastics 

-Standard 5/8" Injection Port Compatible With Most Plastisol Injectors

-Engineered Stone Stone Powder Mixed With Polymers. Synthetic Stone Mold Premium Lightweight Non-Porous Material (Corian)

-Solid Soft Lure Mold Build For Durability And Unlimited Injections 

-High Quality Soft Bait Mold For Lure Making With Your Choice Of Custom Colors And Scents. Customize Softness And Hardness, Add Glitters And Flakes And Use Floating Or Sinking Material

-Built-In Vents Allowing Air To Escape Completely To Get The Best Possible Soft Bait 

-Low Cost And Affordable Fishing Lure Mold Compatible With Hot Plastisol. Cheaper Than Aluminum Mold And Offer The Same Results. Stone Molds Are Better Than Silicone Molds 

-Do-It Yourself And Make Your Favorite Freshwater And Saltwater Soft Lures With The Best Bait Molds 

-This Bait Mold Makes Good Lures For Smallmouth And Largemouth Bass, Pike, Snakehead and a lot more


Fix both parts with clamp, vise or binder clips.

Plastisol (liquid PVC soft plastic) needs to be heated to 356 F (180 Celsius) and injected into the moId using the proper injector.

Our DIY bait  molds can be used with plastisol or recycled old soft plastic lures.

Lubrication: Recommended but not mandatory. We recommend using a very light coating of worm oil in the mold to allow easy extraction and glossy / shiny effect on the soft plastic lures.

Additional care and awareness is needed. Use protective clothing like gloves, long sleeves, pants, and closed toe shoes when pouring hot liquid plastic. Wear appropriate safety goggles and provide adequate ventilation in your work space.

Plastisol, Injectors and accessories are sold separately and can be found on our store front.

Bait pictured is not included with the product. Plastisol, temperature, Dye, flake and pressure can be adjusted to obtain desired bait.