Aluminum Injection Soft Plastic Lure Mold For Fishing Magdraft Big Swimbait 6" - Single Cavity

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This single cavity Aluminum mold makes an amazing big 6" swimbait. Thanks to its very realistic body design and a large paddle tail this lure will become your new favorite Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth swimbait.

Made in high quality Aluminum this soft bait injection mold is developed with smart air vents design to release air and make sure that the Plastisol fills all details of the soft plastic lure moId.

This new series of Aluminum soft bait mold comes with a screw system to make sure both part of the mold are firmly tight before injection adding an additional safety measure.

  • Single Cavity Aluminum Injection Mold
  • Standard 5/8" Injection Port Compatible With Most Plastisol Injectors
  • CNC Engineered High Quality Aluminum
  • Solid Soft Lure Mold Build For Durability And Unlimited Injections
  • High Quality Soft Bait Mold For Lure Making With Your Choice Of Custom Colors And Scents. Customize Softness And Hardness, Add Glitters And Flakes And Use Floating Or Sinking Material
  • Built-In Vents Allowing Air To Escape Completely to Get The Best Possible Soft Bait
  • Comes with Screw System for Additional Safety